CBD can reduce epileptic seizures in children

In recent years, cannabis has gained increasing interest both in medical research and in the clinical field with regard to its therapeutic effects in various diseases. One of the main areas of interest is its role as an anticonvulsant in refractory epilepsy, particularly in the paediatric population.

We speak of refractory epilepsy when epileptic seizures occur so frequently that they make it impossible for those affected to lead a normal life. In many cases, this is because the antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) administered have no effect and cannot stop or reduce the seizures.

decrease seizures

US researchers found that CBD products significantly reduce the epileptic seizures of children. The cannabis preparations enriched with CBD also had other positive side effects.


As the researchers report in the journal of the National Institute of Health, they have examined more closely the parental perception of the effectiveness of CBD-enriched cannabis preparations in children with epilepsy, but especially with Dravet syndrome.

To this end, the researchers not only documented the experiences of the affected children with the treatment, they also asked the children's parents in detail about their perceived effectiveness of CBD treatment.

The evaluation of the survey revealed that the perceived effectiveness of CBD products and their tolerability were equally positive in all cases. Thus, 85 percent of the parents reported that their children suffered fewer seizures during the treatment phase with CBD products. 14 percent of the parents even reported that their children did not suffer any more seizures at all during this period.

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