CBD - Broken bones heal faster

More than 6 million Americans break a bone every year. while most people associate bone fractures with car accidents or sports such as snowboarding, even a simple fall can cause a fracture. fractures occur more frequently in older people, partly because bone health deteriorates with age.

Scientists have been studying the effects of the cannabinoid cannabidiol on the healing and development of bones over the last decade and it appears that CBD can accelerate the process of healing broken bones by the body and make them stronger.

Accelerate the healing process

A study published in the February 2009 issue of International Immunopharmacology tested the effect of 5 milligrams of cannabidiol in a periodontal disease experimental model in rats. 30 days later, a morphometric analysis of bone loss showed that animals treated with CBD showed reduced bone loss.

The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research published a study showing that the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) strengthens bones and accelerates the healing of fractures. The researchers administered CBD to rats with mid-femoral fractures and found that cannabinoid ligands regulate bone mass. Researcher Yankel Gabet also noted that the healed bone will be harder to break in the future after treatment with CBD.

the most recent study to date was published in the european journal of pharmacology in august 2017. scientists investigated the therapeutic effects of CBD on sublesional bone loss in a spinal cord injury rat model. CBD was shown to increase bone volume. it also increased final compressive load, stiffness and energy to the maximum force of the femoral diaphysis. with these results, the author concludes that administration of CBD reduces the severity of bone loss caused by spinal cord injury.

toughen bones

Studies conducted over the years have shown how useful cannabinoid therapy can be in supporting the healing of bone fragments by increasing the volume and thickness of trabecular bone and the presence of unabsorbed cartilage; it has also been seen that CBD increases the strength of healed femurs and may be of therapeutic value for spinal cord injuries by reducing the loss of bone mineral that occurs in these injuries.

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