Cellulite - the eternal suffering of women! Can CBD help?

Cellulite - the orange peel skin - is a more or less major problem for about 80 percent of all women. However, it is "only" a cosmetic problem, because from a medical point of view the skin appearance is completely harmless.

How does cellulite develop?

in cellulite, fat cells push their way through the network of connective tissue and become visible to the outside world through dents. oestrogen is responsible for the fact that women prefer to deposit their depot fat on their thighs and buttocks, it also ensures that the collagen fibres have a more elastic texture. lipocytes, the fat-storing cells, also become much larger in women than in men. the main cause of the development of cellulite is the genetic predisposition to weak connective tissue. in addition, metabolic problems are often involved, as a result of which the fat structure is changed and lymph and blood flow more difficult, which in turn leads to water retention and further swelling. overweight also causes a greater extent of cellulite, because the more fat is collected in the depots, the more the cells between the connective tissue strands come out. an incorrect diet, lack of exercise and smoking can also promote cellulite.

How can CBD help against cellulite?

cannabidiol is a substance extracted from the hemp plant which, among other things, acts as an antioxidant, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory agent. CBD helps the body to regenerate inflamed or weakened tissue. both internal use (oral intake in liquid form or in capsules) of CBD and external use of creams or ointments containing CBD can promote a rapid reduction in cellulite. CBD also promotes blood flow in vessels, thus improving blood supply to the tissue. CBD can also improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, thus helping with cellulite and stretch marks.

Bottom line: CBD is also not a cure for the unloved orange peel skin, but its healing effects can certainly bring improvements.

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