Healthy veins with CBD

the hemp plant is one of the most effective pharmacological plants we have come across on this unique planet. there are about 500 amazing active ingredients that can be extracted from the plant. many of these active ingredients have been used for years to treat various diseases.

The problem with varicose veins

More than twenty percent of the population aged 15 years and older is affected by problems associated with varicose veins. These conditions include cramps, heaviness, fatigue and pain. In addition to these complaints, there is also a psychological burden associated with the appearance of varicose veins.

How do varicose veins develop?

varicose veins develop when blood accumulates in the veins. the task of the veins is to transport the blood back to the heart against gravity. the surrounding muscles of the veins do this work together with the elastic vascular wall. in addition, so-called venous valves in the vessels ensure that the blood does not flow back. if the elasticity of the vascular walls decreases or if the venous valves are damaged, the venous blood accumulates back. then the vascular walls can overstretch and sag - varicose veins develop.

Why do varicose veins develop?

Several factors usually play a role in the development of varicose veins and our lifestyle also influences the development of the disease.

What is certain is that varicose veins are in most cases the result of a congenital weakness of the connective tissue or vein wall and are ultimately caused by leaking venous valves in the superficial veins.

Apart from an inherited weakness of the connective tissue, there are other factors that can promote the development of varicose vein disease or aggravate the symptoms. elderly people and women are most frequently affected, and taking the pill and hormone replacement therapies are usually also considered a risk factor. prolonged standing or sitting in daily working life and too little exercise can also be risk factors. these factors are certainly not the sole triggers of the disease, but they can make the disease and the symptoms worse.

experts are also still divided on the issue of overweight. some studies show no correlation between overweight and the incidence of varicose veins, while other studies suggest a connection. in particular, the symptoms seem to be more pronounced in overweight people. the flow rate of blood in the veins is lower in overweight people than in people of normal weight - even if no varicose veins have developed yet. in addition, it is certainly also the case that people who are very overweight tend to take less exercise and do less sports, which then has a negative effect on blood flow and venous disease. all in all, overweight is seen by the majority as a risk factor.

How does CBD work for varicose veins?

as already mentioned, there is a lot of pain that can be associated with varicose veins. the ECS endocannabinoid system is the regulatory system in the human body. this system receives and translates the signals sent to the body via cannabinoids. this endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating a variety of physiological processes that affect a person's daily life. when it comes to venous diseases, the most important property of CBD is its anti-inflammatory effect as well as its positive effect on the circulation.

The research found substantial evidence confirming that cannabidiol effectively treats chronic pain in adults.

Research also shows that CBD is a powerful sleep aid, allowing someone suffering from chronic pain to get a more restful night's sleep. If a person has a glutamate level that is severely disturbed, the main complaint is lack of sleep. Glutamate signal transmission can actually be amplified by CBD, which stabilizes dopamine levels, reducing pain symptoms and the restless leg syndrome that is common in people with varicose veins.

In what form should CBD be taken for varicose veins?

There are two ways to apply CBD to varicose veins: oils or creams applied to the skin or oral ingestion of CBD products in  liquid or capsule form is suitable.

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